Next-gen API v1.3

This is the first release of the email automation offering of the Cakemail Next-gen API.

This release adds automation workflow capability to the Cakemail API, which enables automated email campaigns and notifications.

Workflow automation can be used to simplify recurring processes and set up contingency-based email campaigns. Automated workflows are typically triggered by an action and move or transform data according to predefined rules. For example, an automation process can be set up for when a new customer creates a trial account in your application, to send a series of onboarding emails to the new client to guide them through the application with the appropriate documentation.

You can now:

  • Trigger actions such as emails based on recipient events on previous actions such as openings, clicks, or sends.
  • Plan onboarding email series and drip campaigns.

More actions, events and capabilities will be available in future releases.