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Next-gen API v1.5

Posted by Sebastien Gregoire about a month ago

The SMTP endpoint is now simpler to use!


Next-gen API v1.4

Posted by Hans-David Giroux 3 months ago

600 Campaign Blueprints and new search functionalities in this release


Next-gen API v1.3

Posted by Vincent Lamanna 4 months ago

This is the first release of the email automation offering of the Cakemail Next-gen API.


Next-gen API v1.2

Posted by Vincent Lamanna 4 months ago

This release improves the security related to account creation.


Next-gen API v1.1

Posted by Vincent Lamanna 7 months ago

Introducing dynamic email templates and contact segmentation using Feed Item Query Language (FIQL) and JSON


Python and PHP Next-gen API clients

Posted by Vincent Lamanna 9 months ago

Introducing the Python and PHP Next-gen API clients, enabling developers to integrate the Cakemail Next-gen APIs more easily and quickly.


Next-gen API v1.0

Posted by Vincent Lamanna 11 months ago

Introducing the Cakemail Next-gen APIs, allowing you to send transactional emails, deploy email marketing campaigns, manage and segment contacts, report analytics, and much more. All emails are routed through our infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and deliverability.