Next-gen API v1.12

This release brings you some new major features: tags, campaign log export and calendar attachments.

Next-gen API v1.11

Introducing multiple segments selection in campaigns and extending events support.

Next-gen API v1.10

You can now export your contacts and two new webhooks, and more.

Next-gen API v1.9

Improvements in segments, feedback loops and bounce processing, and more.

Next-gen API v1.8

Support for more webhook events.

Next-gen API v1.7

New functionalities through Webhooks and SMTP Endpoint

Next-gen API v1.6

Introducing webhook events

Next-gen API v1.5

The SMTP endpoint is now simpler to use!

Next-gen API v1.4

600 Campaign Blueprints and new search functionalities in this release

Next-gen API v1.3

This is the first release of the email automation offering of the Cakemail Next-gen API.