Next-gen API v1.9

Improvements in segments, feedback loops and bounce processing, and more.

Feedback Loops

  • We’ve improved the performance of feedback loop and bounce processing.
  • A new webhook can be triggered when a spam complaint is received through a feedback loop:


  • Segments can now be sorted by creation date. You can also sort them by name and ID.
  • You can now reschedule a campaign or delete an incomplete campaign.
  • We have improved the way we report errors and exceptions to help you better understand the issues.
  • Automations are now stopped as soon as they are deactivated, preventing all subscribers from receiving emails until they are reactivated.

Bug Fixes

  • The company name in the profile(account) is now stored as text without encoding
  • We’ve improved the performance and reliability of our event processing system.
    Security improvements have been made

Status Page

  • We've released a new status page where you can get real-time information on the activity of all our applications and systems. You can also sign up to receive updates via email.

    Discover the status page