Next-gen API v1.5

The SMTP endpoint is now simpler to use!

The x-sender-id header is no longer required; when omitted, the envelope mail from will be used to select the confirmed sender. Confirm your sender in advance, and you are good to go!

For more details, see the updated reference article.

Branded System Emails

Emails for various confirmation needs (sub-account confirmation, user confirmation, sender confirmation, and reset password) can now be customized to your brand colours. Prepare a template, attach it (with a sender) to one of the four customizable system emails.

Template Tags

You can now add arbitrary tags to your templates for easy classification and filtering.

More features and bugfixes:

  • Filter templates by name
  • Enumerate the tracked links of your automation Actions
  • HTML render endpoint for Campaign Blueprints
  • Transactional emails are blocked if your account reaches its limits, avoiding surcharges
  • All new lists are double opt-in
  • Fixed a bug where a Form creation would fail with a generic error if the list policy is not accepted. Now, the API returns a clear error.
  • Allow sending the double opt-in/welcome email when adding a contact via the API. Useful if you collect emails instead of using the Forms.
  • The return parameter thumbnail is now deprecated and will be removed in a future release. The return parameter thumbnail has been replaced by thumbnail_url.